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Concrete Installation

Concrete InstallationPaving Plus provides outstanding concrete and asphalt construction for residential and commercial clients throughout Rochelle Park and other nearby areas. Our insured, reputable contractors specialize in creating and maintaining curbs and gutters, sidewalks, ramps, stairs, and dumpster pads.

Concrete is a versatile, sturdy, and affordable material that is ideal for many construction projects. It is also easy to maintain, fire-resistant, and it has outstanding thermal mass.

When Paving Plus creates concrete projects, we carefully prepare the area by grading it properly, ensuring that the surface is even, and compacting the soil. We recognize that preparing the surface is key to ensuring that the area drains properly. We reinforce the surface, place joints appropriately to reduce the possibility of cracking, and use high quality concrete mix that can support the intended use of your project. Once your project is completed, we can help you maintain it.

Despite the durability of concrete, it is important to remember that it can crack or chip over time. As concrete dries, the moisture and water within it lessens. The concrete slab feels tension and can eventually crack.

If concrete cracks or chips, it is essential to repair it to promote safety and save money. Although concrete cracks are often small, they can become significant when they are ignored. Repairing cracks promptly prevents them from becoming large and decreases the possibility of damaged concrete causing a tripping hazard.

Paving Plus is a family-owned business that strives to have a long-term business relationship with every client. We have the experience and skill to maintain your concrete long after it is installed, and we encourage clients to seek our advice about previously installed and new concrete projects. Please contact our licensed professionals at 201-652-0694, or request an estimate about a project or repair by completing our online form.

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